Love is in the Air and So are These New Filters

Love is in the Air New Filters 01

Love is in the air, love is all around us, love can be a many splendid thing. But you know what it also can be? A set of awesome new Filters just in time for Valentines day! No matter how tiny and cold someone’s little grinch heart can be, there’s still a part of them that warms up at the sight of red  & pink hearts fluttering about. Now you may be wondering when can I use these gorgeous new Love Filters?  The answer is right. Now. Let’s Go!


 Here you’re introduced to our first eligible Filter-lorette (that’s filter + bachelorette, get it?)

  • Corazon means heart in Spanish and boy does it bring the fiesta. 
  • A horizontal spread of hearts in the most gorgeous iridescent colors.
  • By adjusting the Filter, you don’t change the hearts as much but you add a gorgeous technicolor hue to your pic that it just unbeatable.


Contestant number 2 is none other than Adore. Whether it’s a top 3 drag queen from Drag Race season 6 or half of the name of an amazing Harry Styles song, Adore is in fact Adoreable. Just a little sprinkle of fluttery pink hearts is all you need to show your lovelies that you just Adore them.


This is where it goes from PG to PG-13. Smooches makes us want give you a bunch. It is golden; it’s dreamy; it’s literally all you could ever want when you’re falling in love. Smooches would take you on a picnic. Adore and Corazon might take you on a walk but Smooches would know to bring a basket full of snacks and drinks. That’s Smooches


Oh, hello L’amour…. As we know L’amour means love in French which most scientists say is in fact the language of love. As you can tell by this feisty Filter, it’s all about passion and a bit more conducive to that portrait style life. A hot hot burst of golden hearts and a sun flare is the equivalent of having a Filter whisk you away for a weekend of romance and then possibly never be seen again. You know how the French are.


Smitten is a former bio engineer who is now pursuing an M.F.A. in contemporary wood finishes. Their love language is acts of service and they prefer to show their love with a subtle brush of pink hearts and a slight build in Saturation. Perfect for your portrait style pic, this charmer is sure to win your heart, or maybe three by the looks of it. 


Enamor is here to tell you that the only person you need to be Enamored with is yourself! Show yourself some love with this perfectly framed shower of golden hearts and a pink hue that will have you looking at the world with self-love-colored glasses. 

Now that we’ve shown you all our Love…Filters, why don’t you show us some! Create a gorgeous Love masterpiece and tag AirBrush using the tag #AirBrushApp. We might just send you a Valentine in the form of a feature on our stories at @AirBrushOfficial. Now, go off and create! And remember, we love you.