Quiz: Which Cosmic Filter Aligns with Your Personality? 

Not to toot our own horn but we’ve got a new filter pack that we think is going to really impress you. We’re impressed with ourselves, to be honest. There are eleven new Filters, each named and themed after a celestial body in the local solar system. If you’re wondering how on earth you’re supposed to make a choice, AirBrush has just the thing for you! Take our quiz below to find out which Cosmic Filter aligns with your personality.

Your Cosmic Filter is just ahead!

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Cosmic Filter - Sun

The life of the party and center of attention. You really can’t get enough of the limelight and having all eyes on you. But you balance that attention seeking with an abundance of warmth that draws people to you in the first place. Display that warmth with the Sun Filter’s golden tone.


Cosmic Filter - MERCURY

The planet closest to the sun, Mercury is associated with communication and travel. You tend to be the organizer in your group, enthusiastically endeavoring to get everyone on the same page and to commit to the friends’ trip you suggested four months ago. But the memories will be epic, so slap on the Mercury Filter and keep going!


Cosmic Filter - Venus

Although second from the sun, Venus is actually the hottest planet in our solar system. That accounts for the blushy tones that this Cosmic Filter paints on your photos. As for you, this filter perfectly matches your rosy and generally optimistic outlook on life. You are ready to engage with others, romantically and platonically,  and discover their best side.


Cosmic Filter - earth

Homeworld! To say you’re solidly grounded might be an understatement. You like to keep things level, constantly digging to ensure you are dealing with facts in a given situation. This leads to as much objectivity as possible. And like your straight dealing self, the Earth Filter offers the lightest touch of all the Cosmic Filters.


Cosmic Filter - Moon

Our oh-so influential satellite. The moon is in a constant state of visible flux, yet it remains predictable. Similarly, you hold pull and sway among your peers and partners, while keeping them on their toes with mood swings. As you mature, you find ways to control the negative effects of an uneven temperament. You also find productive ways to put your influence to good use.


Cosmic Filter - Mars

The red planet and the would-be home of Martians. Mars also rules energy, action and drive. You’re not one for sitting still. Something must always be getting done. You’re acutely aware of the short amount of time we have on this planet and therefore treasure time and the potential it holds. This Cosmic Filter brightens with refreshing tones to make all that effort look effortless.


woman standing in the sea

Like this giant, you take up space. And we mean energetically. Like this planet’s association with luck and exploration, you’ve generally been blessed to be successful at most things you try. What some may not guess looking at the being and the planet from afar is the turmoil from the guilt of being so lucky. But then you remember not to question your gifts but use them to uplift yourself and others.


woman eating ice cream

The combined facts of Saturn’s strong gravity, and structured and organizational nature should begin to tell you about this personality type. You don’t believe rules are there to be broken but instead meant to be strictly adhered to. Because otherwise, we invite chaos and disorder. A state a true child of Saturn could never abide!


Man wearing shades

This planet is associated with being innovative and a disruptor and likewise, you tend to enter most spaces like a wrecking ball. And while that’s not to everyone’s taste, you’ve accepted that you’re not for everyone. Those you are called to your tribe come willingly and appreciate the need to create a little chaos to usher in something new. 


young woman with curly hair

The patron planet of the arts, you also eat, sleep and breathe artistic expression. You may be a working artist or a hobbyist but you recognised long ago that your need for expression was strong. That’s why this Cosmic Filter introduces some artistically retro grain into your photos. The Neptune Filter reflects your homage to the masters that came before you.


woman in flared jeans

The planet furthest out and definitely the black sheep of the solar system. Is it a planet, isn’t it? The world remains divided. And despite that division and undecided status, Pluto continues to do its thing on the edge of our system. Likewise, you know you’re not like most people but that’s the part you like the most. This Cosmic Filter puts on a pale effect to reflect your nonchalance.

We’d love to hear which Cosmic Filter you were paired with! And, of course, we suggest trying it out to see if it matches your photography style as well.  AirBrush, the easy photo editor, definitely has more than one option when it comes to finding the right editing tool for you. When you’re ready to share your pics online, tag them with #AirBrushApp so everyone can find them. Then, follow us @AirBrushOfficial on Instagram for our latest tips, tricks and hacks!